What makes this religious institution unique is its conviction that service of the society is an essential part of religion. The principle of "Service Above Self" or "Sewa Parmo Dharma" constantly guide various activities of this organisation.


Shri Tilak Raj Sharma Memorial Swami Mukund Hari Charitable Dispensary is one of the most prestigious projects of Shri Satyanarayan Mandir. This allopathic Dispensary started in March 1994 has now taken the shape of 'Mini Hospital' earlier, a homeopathic dispensary was being run by the mandir management but with the inspiration and support of late Dr.Pushpa Dhir (Retired SMO),that was converted to an  'Allopathic Clinic'
Presently, a dedicated team of specialist doctors of the city is offering selfless services from 4pm to 6pm daily, for outdoor patients approx, more than 200 patients are daily examined by Orthopadician, Heart Specialist, ENT Specialist, Gynaecologists, Dentist, Surgeon, Child Specialists and Physicians. The patients also get free medicines prescribed by the doctors. The dispensary also provides Anti-Rabbies and other essential injections and drops to the children.
The facilities of ECG , Eyetesting , Dressing and Pathological tests etc are also available without charge.


Since 1994, Shri SatyaNarayan Mandir is regularly organising free eye operation camp in the month of september with the co-operation of specialist doctors of  Ruby Nelson Memorial Hospital, Jalandhar Catt. During the Camppatients are fitted with lenses free of charge and are provided with free medicine for six weeks. They are kept in temple for six days and provided with free boarding and lodging facilities/ on an average 380-400 operations are conducted every year. On first thursday of 1st week of every month from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM , a free eye checking camp is also organised in the temple premises.


In 2012, the temple dispensary started ambulance service for the people in need. Ambulance has been donated to the dispensary by Shri Arihant Aggarwal and Shri Rohit Aggarwal. In urgencies, the citizens of Kapurthala city and the surrounding areas can dial 8437400108 to avial ambulance services.


The temple runs a 'Silai Training Centre' to import training in cutting, stitching and. Embroidery to the deserving girls. The objective is to make the girls economically self-reliant.
The centre was started in  has trained more than 3000 girls/women in cutting,designing and stitching, some of them have successfully established their boutiques.


The mandir runs an "Anna Kshetra" in the name of 'Sri Radha Rani' Where free food (Langer) is provided daily to the Patients and attendants in Civil Hospital , Kapurthala and also served to the poor and needly people of the city and 'Sadhus' in the temple permises from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM.

At the gate of the temple, four water coolers are installed to offer round o'clock cold and fresh filtered water to the visitors and passer by.


During the year , the temple management has installed the Automatic Roti Making Machine . This machine burned approx 1200 nos of roti in one hour. 

All the services are infact provided with the sole desire of --

Many All Be Happy
Many All Be Free from Disease
Many All Realise What Is Good
Many None Be Subject to Misery